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Disney Rumored To Buy Out UTV

Since it’s often incredibly easy to buy companies that are in the process of failing, rumor has it that Disney will purchase UTV, the parent company of video game publisher/developer Ignition games. For the past year or so UTV Ignition has fallen on hard times with various studios being closed, people getting the sack and projects such as the long in development WarDevil finally being kicked to the curb for good.  Now Gamaustra is reporting that Disney will purchase the majority shares of UTV.

As per the word that is circulating amongst high profile business circles, Disney will be delisting the stock for UTV and subsequently purchase the remaining shares of the company.  There’s no clear word as to what Disney is planning to do with UTV, but the company reportedly will be looking at UTV’s wide portfolio as a company along with looking into their gaming sector, which as of now is somewhat sparse outside of a few upcoming releases like Dragon’s Crown for the PS3 and PlayStation Vita.

What Disney’s acquisition of UTV means for Ignition is a bit unknown as Disney may simply decide to close up shop and scrap whatever Ignition has in the pipeline.  Given what Disney has done with their gaming business, which is non-existent for now outside of focusing on Facebook games, I don’t think Disney will be looking to expand their portfolio as a video game developer since they’ve all but destroyed that notion in the past year.

Ignition hasn’t exactly been a publisher/developer that has been on fire in the past few years but the company has gotten some attention thanks to the cult hit Deadly Premonition and the upcoming El Shaddai.  Ignition/UTV True Games has been on thin ice for a while now based on the business decisions that have been made but I think it would be somewhat of a crap situation for the company to be killed off via an acquisition by a company that deserves to have a restraining order placed on it when it comes to video games.

Disney’s acquisition of UTV is far from being official but once everything moves forward I’m sure we’ll receive some more details and perhaps a vague statement or two on the fate of Ignition.