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Deus Ex: Human Revolution in-game screens revealed

Earlier today we got an extended look at Deus Ex: Human Revolution via a sexy CG trailer.  Seeing a CG trailer is nice and all but in this day and age it’s all about the quality of the in-game graphics.  I was somewhat worried that the graphics of Deus Ex: Human Revolution would be a mess compared to the Square Enix produced CG trailers but I can breathe a sigh of relief as the game looks fine.

I don’t know how these screens surfaced but considering they’re from a Polish Deus Ex fansite they were probably acquired through shady circumstances. But Euro jokes aside, Deus Ex: HR is a sharp looking game.  At this stage the visuals will probably be improved a bit as development goes on but I like what I’m seeing.  The atmosphere seems spot on compared to the CG trailers and to me that’s better than any visual upgrades the game could get.

You can check out two of the in-game screens below and the rest can be found at the source.