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Details on Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition's second episode

For some time now we’ve known that Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition would feature two new episodes one of which is the Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield focused prequel to RE5 titled “Lost in Nightmares.”  But when it came to the second episode Capcom was rather mum on the subject for some reason.

The latest issue of Famitsu has revealed the second episode in RE5: Gold Edition which is titled “Desperate Escape”. Players will once again be able to play as Jill Valentine as well as Josh Stone as the two embark on a dangerous support mission that is of course made complicated by the never ending Majini hordes.

The Famitsu article didn’t mention if “Desperate Escape” would feature any new enemies like those found in “Lost in Nightmares.”  But since “Desperate Escape” looks to be set within the events of RE5 I wouldn’t expect any new enemies pop up aside from perhaps one new boss encounter.

New details on the Mercenaries Reunion mode were also announced such as the inclusion of Josh Stone. A new office lady costume, which probably means another short skirt, for Sheeva was also announced. Chris Redfield will also be getting another costume described as exoskeleton armor but no images of it were shown but I’m hoping it’s a goofy Power Rangers type thing.  I personally don’t think those new costumes sound as cool as the previously announced Warrior Chris and Fairy Tale Sheeva which we all know will be the pinnacle of RE goofiness.

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