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Details on the Michael Jordan mode in NBA 2K11

NBA legend Michael Jordan will be the cover athlete for NBA 2K11 this year but the involvement of his airness just doesn’t stop there. After all it would be a bit silly to have one of the greatest NBA players ever appear in a game and not properly utilize him.  As it was rumored earlier, NBA 2K11 will feature an entire mode centered around the prolific career of Michael Jordan, minus his baseball stint of course.

If gamers want to relive some of Jordan’s key NBA moments then they can in the Jordan Challenge. Featuring 10 different games spread across Jordan’s career, gamers can try to replicate the amazing feats Jordan did on the wood court.  Some of the challenges in the Jordan centric mode include the awe-stunning 1997 game against the Utah Jazz in which Jordan had the flu or the tearjerker that was Jordan’s last game as a Chicago Bull in 1998. And yes, chances are I will cry playing the 1998 match since I’m a Chicago native who still yearns for the old glory days of the Chicago Bulls.

As an added bonus of sorts, players will also play alongside Jordan’s old Chicago Bulls teammates as the various rosters spanning from 1985 up until 1998 will be replicated in the game. If that means that I’ll be able to play alongside Scottie Pippen, Luc Longley, Toni Kukoc, Dennis Rodman and Steve Kerr then as a Chicago Bulls fan that is a dream come true.

NBA 2K11 and the potentially awesome Jordan Challenge mode will be available to gamers on October 5th.