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Depth Offers An Intense Battle of Sharks vs. Divers

I may be a bit late to the party about this, but I’ve just come across a game that is not only entirely original, but also takes a genre and literally takes it to new depths of excitement.  Most games in general tend to take place either on the land or in a few cases the sky. It’s very rare that we see a game that either features a water component or is set in some sort of water based world. But the new action game Depth takes players to a place they’ve never been to before and in the process offers not just one, but two new ways to actually experience a game.

Like any good game, there’s a simple battle at hand in Depth and in the case of the game it’s sharks against human divers.  In a way Depth is playing up to the fears that some people have about stepping foot in the ocean as you don’t face other human divers or even mammoth octopi but instead take on some of the longest living hunters on the face of the planet.  The premise of Depth is very simple but is far from being easy: groups of divers need to find treasure scattered around the bottom of the ocean floor but that isn’t as easy as it sounds since a groups of sharks are there to give them a bit of grief.

Taking the FPS format, Depth puts gamers in an experience that they haven’t really been in before: an almost pure stealth FPS action experience.  Instead of only using stealth to do something like snapping the neck of an unsuspecting guard, Depth requires players stay frosty the entire time and use their raw instincts so they don’t become shark food.  Going up against a great white shark may sound like it’s a battle that can’t be won, but the divers do have two very important tools: a spear gun and a tag gun which shows the location of all tagged sharks on the radar for the diver team.

The sharks on the other hand are about as deadly as you can get. Consisting of three classes (mako, tiger, and great white) the sharks are capable of completely dismembering the human divers. Let me repeat that, you can play as great white shark and literally tear a person apart.  I don’t know if such a feature should warrant Depth becoming a GOTY nominee but it ranks pretty high in my book already.  Playing as sharks is of course vastly different than assuming the role of a diver as special abilities like shark vision (track enemies by their heartbeat) make up the tools set that gamers have.

As of now Depth doesn’t have a price or release date, but it looks like one of the better indie games I’ve seen lately, no thanks because of the highly original premise.  I really do hope Depth has a proper release sometime soon since dismembering a person while playing as a shark has the prospect of being one of the best things I’ve ever done in gaming.