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Dead Rising 2 box art and Limited Edition revealed

Earlier this week Capcom Europe teased that a big announcement would be made on this Thursday.  With Capcom being relatively low key at E3, some had assumed we would be graced with an announcement of a new game or perhaps a cool new addition to the PSN or XBLA. Well today is Thursday, at least in most parts of the world, and that means it’s time for the reveal. Unsurprisingly the announcement doesn’t involve a new IP or game as it’s all about the zombie killing action of Dead Rising 2.

The first piece of news concerning Dead Rising 2 concerns the box art. For all the box art enthusiasts or snobs out there you can now scrutinize the final box art for Dead Rising 2.  It looks pretty good to me and keeps the theme established with DR1 but hero Chuck Greene honestly looks a bit constipated. Guess that’s just his angry “I’m fighting zombies dammit!” look.

Also revealed is the website Following four characters from Dead Rising 2, the website chronicles these zombie gore hounds as they try to earn tickets for Terror is Reality XVII, the zombie killing reality show that doubles as the MP mode in DR2.  As a hype site it’s nice I guess and I’m interested in what sort of content Capcom will provide on the site.  Any chance at expanding the universe of the game is a nice thing so hopefully will be more than merely a Dead Rising 2 commercial.

Lastly, Capcom has announced a Limited Edition version of Dead Rising 2 which is exclusive to Europe. Featuring the game and a 12” inch fat zombie figure, the LE will probably appeal to those hardcore fans of the series who simply adore zombies.  The Limited Edition also comes with a download token for DR2 DLC and exclusive content which wasn’t detailed.  Perhaps the exclusive content will be the recently revealed Ninja costume that is a GameStop pre-order bonus exclusive.

If you’re one of the many that are really looking forward to Dead Rising 2 then today was probably an excellent day. But for everyone else it was simply another Thursday.
Dead Rising 2 will be available for the PS3 and Xbox 360 on September 28 in North America.