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DC Universe Online didn't cost that much to make, well at least by today's standards

Releasing a major MMO these days is a big thing. With stiff competition from World of Warcraft and other games that have a strong grasp in niche markets, it’s almost mandatory to lay down the cash in order to build the infrastructure required to become a dominant contender in the MMO arena.  DC Universe Online is the latest MMO to drop and on the day of its release we have some details on just how much money Sony Online Entertainment spent on crafting the epic comic book game.

So how much money is required to make a game like DC Universe Online? Well the result may actually shock you a bit simply because it isn’t an exorbitant sum.  In an interview with the L.A. Times Hero Complex blog, SOE revealed that they spent $50 million on developing DC Universe Online over the course of five years.  $50 million is a huge amount of money to spend on a game but compared to the budgets of other AAA titles or even MMOs it’s quite a small sum.  For example, the first iteration of the over-hyped APB from Electronic Arts and Realtime Worlds cost $100 million, money that if you ask some was wasted on a project that had potential yet didn’t get the job done.

Sure, DC Universe Online may have cost more money to make than films like District 9, but it looks like it was money well-spent and for SOE’s sake I hope the game does well otherwise we could have a candidate for “Bomb of the Year” on our hands.