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DC Comics and WB Games Announces Batman: Arkham City Prequel Comic Book Series

DC Comics has just announced that this May they will be releasing a new comic series set in the universe established in the worldwide best seller Batman: Arkham Asylum video game.  The comic book, which is written by Paul Dini (the same man who wrote Arkham Asylum) is set one year after the events we played in Batman: Arkham Asylum and serves as a set-up to what occurs in Batman: Arkham City.

The Batman: Arkham City comic book miniseries will comprise of six issues, all of which will be available both at local comic shops and through digital distribution for only $2.99.  There is a special bonus of sorts for the digital version of the comic books as there will be a special eight page interlude that will further expand upon the events told in the mini-series.  These mini interludes will only cost comic book fans 99 cents and are expected to be included in the eventual hardcover collection release of the mini-series, which is expected to drop this Fall.

The exact plot and who will appear in the Arkham City mini-series wasn’t revealed, but we can expect to see the newly elected Mayor Quincy Sharp and the mysterious Hugo Strange to pop up at some point to cause trouble for Batman. Being a lead in to Batman: Arkham City, I’m hoping we get a few more villain reveals or subtle plot hints since at this point we’re still all in the dark about the plot for the game and what members of Batman’s rogue’s gallery are set to appear.

Usually I tend not to like obvious comic book tie-ins to video games, but this is DC we’re talking about and Paul “I’m a mastermind” Dini is involved so I think we can expect a mini-series that actually has some substance to it instead of being an obvious 20 page advertisement for the game.  The first two issues of the Batman: Arkham City mini-series are expected to drop in May, so if Batman: Arkham Asylum is set to drop this Fall, perhaps after the comic series ends, maybe that means we can expect the game to drop in October.