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The Cumulative Guide to April Fools for Gamers

I don’t know about you, but April Fool’s has quickly become one of the favorite events of the year since I began following and then working in the video game industry. The pranks that have been pulled on the fans of video games over the last few years have reached an ‘epic’ level of status. Some favorites of the past years have been personal-favorite ThinkGeek’s annual onslaught of ‘new items’, Destructoid’s redesign, and Blizzard always has a habit of doing something completely insane.

This year we’ll be continuing the trend of having a one-stop shop of April Fools articles. Be sure to check this post through-out the day to see the latest and greatest pranks/spoofs/videos/articles/whatever as we’ll be updating all day long so you don’t have to run around finding everything individually. As well, if you want to give Shogun a head’s up on anything we might have missed feel free to post in the comments with a link and we’ll throw it in there (and give you props)!

Nyko’s ‘Len-less’ 3D Glasses

In an early-morning bid Nyko announced their latest accessory for the 3DS: A pair of lens-less 3D glasses, to provide you with the ‘full theater experience’. The press release is lengthy, but hilarious through-out. It also features a sexy female model showing off the glasses… in a bikini, you know, ‘cause that’s how you’d be watching your 3DS with your lens-less glasses, DUH.

Nyko Lens-less Glasses

Of course, I had to pick out a couple of choice quotes… but there’s much, much hilarity to be found, so make sure to give a quick read over the full release!

Nyko’s unique and patented “Lens-less is More” Technology removes any glass or plastic lenses from the frame, while still providing the look and feel of 3D Glasses. Featuring absolutely no ergonomics what-so-ever, and a hard, unforgiving plastic frame with no rubber grip, the 3D Glasses are guaranteed to be uncomfortable for extended or quick gameplay sessions and are designed to leave marks on the bridge of your nose.

IGN’s First Look at M-Rated Harry Potter

AurorsI’m not going to lie here, or mince words. I’m a huge fan of Harry Potter, and specific the movie franchise (never really got into the writing style, but always dug the world that she’d managed to create). The idea of a ‘mature’ version of the Potter-verse is one of those April Fools ideas that are more depressing to me than hilarious. This will never end up happening, but it’s a FANTASTIC idea. Anyways, enough of my griping, you can check out the video below, and check the link for IGN’s full article regarding the ‘teaser trailer’ for the ‘upcoming series’.

Blizzard’s Big Three (Starcraft 2/WoW/Diablo 3)

Blizzard has been running April Fool’s for a number of years now. Honestly I’d be inclined to give them the crown for ‘King of April Fool’s’ but, the day is early still and there’s plenty of opportunity for someone to sail in with something all-together fantastic.

If you haven’t taken a look yet, head on over to the homepages Starcraft II is promotion a story regarding the launch of the game on consoles. Over at the World of Warcraft site, they’re announcing a new dungeon called the ‘Tomb of Immortal Darkness’ which is basically a pitch-black cave that allows you to see next to nothing… Finally they’ve created an Smartphone app to promote Diablo III called the ‘Horadic Cube’ which allows you to combine your other applications together through the power of transmutation in order to create brand new apps! There’s a demo running on the site, so you can get an idea of what melding some popular smartphone apps might look like.

Seriously, these guys go all out. Props to Blizzard for keeping the tradition alive of rocking April Fool’s in a BIG way.

The Minecraft Store

In what’s being described from most other blogs and forums today as Minecrafts creation of “mega-transactions” basically overpriced DLC items for your Minecraft game to ‘enhance’ your experience. I’d have to say, my favorite of the bunch is the “Response from Support” which will running you a cool $494, but at least you get to hear back from support right?

Minecraft Store

Head on over to the Minecraft site for the full list of purchase options in the new Minecraft store.

Destructoid’s Hand-Written Site

Destructoid HeaderYou can always count on gaming community/blog Destructoid to go all-in on April Fool’s and this year is no different. Once again the entire site has been redesigned, but this year it’s bigger and better than ever. They’ve opted for a ‘hand-drawn’ design of the site where everything (pictures, articles, headers) are all DRAWN by HAND. That’s right, it looks like crazy! And to top it off, they are requesting ‘commenters’ to call or fax in their submissions which will be posted to the site manually as part of the site’s ‘guest book’. If you haven’t already, head over to to check out “The #1 HANDWRITTEN Gaming News Site.”

Star Wars: The Old Rebuplic – Shryiiwook

Wookie TranslatorLooks like the team working on the next big MMO “The Old Republic” have gotten in on the April Fool’s action now as well. In a PR release posted earlier today they announced the latest addition to the ‘localization process’ that’s coming down the pipe-line for Star Wars: The Old Republic. The game will now feature a Shryiiwook (Wookie-Speak) translation option, and if you head on over to their website, you can see several ‘dramatic scenes’ from the game in the new translation. 

Razer’s “Tallon” Exo-Skeleton

Razer TalonThe folks over at Razer were pimpin’ some rather cool concept gear at this year’s CES. There was that slick gaming laptop with the individual LCD monitors for keys, new controllers for the 360 that were fully customizable… and yet somehow we managed to miss the biggest announcement of all: The Razer Talon. It’s an exo-skeletal accessory for PC gamers to hard-mod their response time. According to the product notes a pro-gamer makes about 300 APM (Actions Per Minute) and this can get you up over 3,000!

Check the site directly for some more images/info about this miracle of modern science.


FilePlanet’s Portal 2 Demo

Someone had to do it. Someone had to go and be a jerk about the whole April Fool’s thing. FilePlanet is the first (that I’ve seen) today to cross the line from ‘funny’ into ‘downright mean’. If you head over to FilePlanet today you’ll see at the top of the popular downloads list the “Portal 2 Single-Player Demo.” Everything looks legit all the way through, until you try to download the file… It’s about then you -may- realize the name of the file: april_fool.rar.Portal 2 Demo

Well played FilePlanet; you cruel, cruel bastards. 


1up Demoes Halo Kinect

Halo CentralObviously Microsoft was going to have to promote the Kinect with their flag-ship Halo at some point, but I’m sure no one had any CLUE this is how they’d go about it. 1up just posted a video today regarding the first play-test of Halo for the Kinect. Microsoft looks to have taken the license in a whole other direction though as the game is no longer a first-person shooter, or even a turn-based-strategy; no, instead they’ve opted to head into the music genre. Check out the video below for the first look at Halo Kinect for the Xbox 360.