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Check Out The Unique Presentation Starhawk Is Taking With Its Cutscenes [Video]

When Starhawk was revealed in May it left everyone speechless in almost every possible way.  For one it was amazing to see the vision that developer Lightbox Interactive had created since it gave us a sci-fi western that featured jets that could transform into mechs – which is easily the coolest thing to appear in a multiplayer action game. But one thing that hasn’t fully been seen in a big way is the cutscenes featured in Starhawk. Lightbox Interactive is developing a core single-player experience that won’t just be a simple extended training tutorial but will instead feature a narrative that in a terrific move by Lightbox Interactive doesn’t include space marines.

The cutscenes of Starhawk’s story mode will likely be one of the main ways the game manages to separate itself from other titles on the market as it utilizes a hand-drawn art style, much like that found in Infamous 2.  In a post on the PlayStation Blog Lightbox Interactive President Dylan Jobe discussed the approach the studio is taking with the cutscenes and how the cutscenes immediately transition seamlessly between the cutscenes and gameplay.

To show us what we can expect from Starhawk, a full cutscene has been released which looks beyond cool. I’ll admit that most of the time I enjoy full motion cutscenes more than those that are stylized or are merely animated comic book panels. There’s something about Starhawk’s direction and occasional implementation of full 3D models that makes me really appreciate the work that’s being done with the cutscenes and I can't wait to see more of them. 

The general Western ascetic combined with the visual touches completely original to the game such as the design of the vehicles and Rift bandits really shows that Lightbox is taking things seriously when it comes to providing gamers with an experience that is equally as fun and detailed as the multiplayer action is.

If you’re attending the San Diego Comic Con this weekend then you can get some insight into the story and direct of Starhawk in the panel Lightbox Interactive is holding on Sunday in room 25AB.