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Check Out Two New Trailers For Alpha Protocol.

Check out two new trailers for Obsidian’s Alpha Protocol: The Espionage Role Playing Game.

First trailer introduces one of the characters you will meet in Alpha Protocol.

Scarlet Lake is a sexy red head who rookie CIA operative, Michael Thornton, meets and possibly will try to get to know better if you know what I mean. No? Too bad!

The second trailer features the Dialogue Stance System or “DSS” for short. The DSS will determine the reputation of Agent Thornton and the consequences of his action based on the choices he makes throughout the game.

You will have three choices to make during particular key dialogues with certain NPC’s that you will encounter in Alpha Protocol.

“Professional”, “Suave” and “Aggressive” influenced responses will be the three choices you will be able to make along with a fourth choice being an “Action” option that will end a dialogue abruptly which will appear only in certain conversations.

This system promises to add great replay value, making you choose unique dialogue choices for every single playthrough. If you really want to fully explore all of Alpha Protocol’s scenarios then be prepare to play this promising espionage RPG over and over again.