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New trailer for Dragon Ball Online

Publishers are still looking to have their own cash cow MMO like World of Warcraft and the latest game to get the MMO treatment is the beloved Dragon Ball franchise.

In my quest to know a bunch of useless game knowledge I seem to recall the Dragon Ball MMO being announced quite some time ago.  If my memory also serves me right I believe the Dragon Ball MMO is only set to be released in Asia so all you DB fans in North America and Europe are going to be screwed if you want to become a spiky haired hero and marry a Namekian female or android instead of living a real life.

The new trailer for the game does look interesting despite it not being actual game footage thus full of crap. But I honestly can’t see how going on a quest with a bunch of friends to kill dinosaurs using Ki blasts and flying around can’t be fun and enough to separate itself from the other games on the market.

It’s nice to see that the game captures the art style of DB creator Akira Toriyama so well and that it has the playful tone that the DB series is known for which is probably because Toriyama is involved with the project. I wonder if there’s a chance that DB Online will make its way to North America at some point as I think it could have a decent shot of getting a solid amount of players and surviving on the market against the beast that is WoW.

View the trailer here.