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Bungie's New Game For Activision Is Possibly A MMO FPS [Rumor]

Last year Bungie shocked us all when they announced a partnership with Activision to produce a new IP.  Not only was Bungie teaming up with Activision something that resulted in a combo of exclamation and question marks floating above our heads, but the fact that Bungie signed a ten year contract with Activision proved to be even more baffling.  Bungie didn’t tie themselves exclusively to Activision as they can still continue other projects, but there were still a lot of gamers out there wondering what the hell was going on.

In typical Bungie tradition we haven’t heard too much about what they’re planning for their Activision project.  Last month we caught wind of some domain registrations Bungie filed, but unless you’re fond of Egyptian mythology there wasn’t a lot to go off of based on those findings.  But today brings some interesting news from an employee who has reportedly been given the ax at Bungie.  Reported by Kotaku Australia (yes, Kotaku has an international presence and it depresses me), Bungie has let go up to 30 employees who weren’t employed full-time i.e. they were contractors.  According to Kotaku’s source, all the employees were let go out of the blue with the reason cited for their removal being chalked up to budgetary concerns stemming from the publisher (Activision).

Bungie has since gone on to file a statement refuting the rumors of layoffs saying “Bungie has never been asked to lay off any employees or contract employees by our publisher, Activision-Blizzard, for any reason.”  While that very well may be true (hopefully it is because I hate seeing people out of work), Bungie oddly enough didn’t address the other rumor that stemmed from Kotaku’s source involving the fps MMO the company is working on.  As per the ex-Bungie employee who may be a bit full of himself, Bungie is reportedly working on a new fps MMO game for Activision named Destiny.  Sadly Kotaku’s inside man didn’t share any details on Destiny, but I can’t help but get visions of Bungie doing something similar to SOE’s Planetside, which was also an fps MMO and even has a sequel set for release in the next year or so.

If Bungie indeed has their sights set on doing a MMO, it would somewhat explain why they signed such a long contract with Activision and why Activision will retain sole control of the IP. I never found myself to be a big fan of Bungie, but I can’t help but be interested to see what the company would do with a MMO either on this generation of consoles or the next seeing as how Bungie’s title will be multiplatform.  Activision is probably looking for the next golden goose for when Call of Duty finally slows down sales wise, so I think having a MMO from one of the most acclaimed developers out there + a possible monthly subscription fee points to Activision possibly having the next big thing on their hands.