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A Bungie Designer Reveals What The Studio's Next Project Is

Having developed one of the biggest video game franchises of all time, Bungie pretty much has free reign to do whatever the hell they want.  No longer directly attached to the Halo franchise (that honor goes to 343 Industries), Bungie was in one of those rare instances where they could go to a company and be given carte blanche to do whatever the hell they wanted to do.  After settling with Activision as a partner (much to the dismay of gamers and the industry as a whole), Bungie has finally revealed the first tidbit on their next project, which in the end could be disappointing for quite a few reasons.

Speaking at a GDC panel about designing the net code for Halo: Reach, Bungie’s David Aldridge confirmed that the studio’s next project is indeed a MMO.  Not much has been said of Bungie’s project for Activision, but a few weeks ago a recently fired Bungie employee revealed that the studio was hard at work on a MMO dubbed Destiny.  There were some questions concerning the validity of this so-called “inside” info as Bungie refuted the claims that they issued layoffs at the studio, but not once did they comment on the MMO news. Well, the cat is officially out of the bag now and I’m sure the bitching will begin.

David Aldridge didn’t say much of Bungie’s new MMO (probably because Activision would erase him from the planet), but he did shoot down any fears that the game would essentially be World of Warcraft in space.  There’s the possibility that we could see Activision debut Bungie’s new game at E3 seeing as how the company could be billing the game to be their next Call of Duty type franchise i.e. it makes buckets load of money.  The news of Bungie hasn’t exactly gone over well with most as it seems a bit ill-conceived for the team that brought us Halo to be prepping a FPS MMO that will presumably have a monthly subscription.  Bungie will probably bring something unique to the FPS MMO genre, but I somewhat doubt that people will want to spend $60 on a game only to pay anywhere from $5 - $15 a month to play the game online unless it’s the single greatest thing since the creation of Pong.

Despite the success Bungie has had in the past, I do think it’s quite a gamble to be doing a MMO for the consoles/PC, especially in the FPS genre.  To further show the gamble Bungie is taking, there are reports coming in that this is the sole project Bungie is developing at the time, so they’re literally going for broke and in a way are putting their cred on the line.  Bungie probably has some amazing stuff planned for us but I don’t exactly know if a MMO is what people expected or wanted to see at this point, especially if it’s being released under the banner of Activision.

Perhaps Bungie and Activision know what they’re doing and have a business model in plan that won’t be too damning to players, but I think we better strap in for the standard Activision practices we’re used to. For all my peeps out there, do you think Bungie’s MMO will be a hit or will it ultimately cave in due to the hype of Bungie as a developer and the hatred people have for Activision?