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Bulletstorm Already Announces New DLC Patch, Gun Sonata.

In less than 24 hours after the games release the fine folks at EA, Epic Games, and People Can Fly have already announced DLC packs to their newest critically-acclaimed hit, Bulletstorm. Being called Gun Sonata, the DLC will include three new maps for the Anarchy multiplayer mode. The maps will span from the disgusting Sewers of Stygia to the dilapidated ruins of Hotel Elysium.  These maps are sure to bring in some more fun into Bulletstorm's highly innovative new multiplayer modes.

Gun Sonata will also supply you with some brand spanking new Echo Mode maps, including Crash Site, where Final Echo soldiers must deal with the side effects of their crashed ship. The awesomely named Guns of Stygia, where a captive beaten-down commando escapes from an enemy prison, kind of sounds like Butcher Bay huh? Who cares still sounds fun!  Once you're done kicking ass and taking names in the new DLC batch you will unlock new challenges that, when completed, will provide you with some Leash weapon enhancements along with the Flamingo and the Pulp Guns. The DLC will be available this spring for 800 Microsoft points on Xbox LIVE and $5.00 on the PlayStation Network.

Bulletstorm was released today and has been getting great scores from across the media. Scoring 87 out of 100 on, one of the most reliable sources for entertainment scores; more so than IGN or Game Informer, in my personal opinion.  So you can now go out and kill with skill by buying Bulletstorm from your local game store.