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A Brief Look At My Amazing Story, The Canceled Xbox 360 Game That Never Was

I always appreciate the chance to see whatever I can of a cancelled video game and today we have a nice gem from a cancelled Microsoft venture.  Don’t ask me what happened to Microsoft’s internal efforts this generation as the company has cut down on their projects significantly to the point where they appear to only focus on anything relating to Halo, Kinect, and Avatars. Despite including the last two things, Microsoft opted to cancel My Amazing Story, a light RPG/adventure game from developer Planet Moon Studios.

Thanks to the chaps over at Unseen64 we have our first and possibly only look at My Amazing Story.  Conceived as a potential casual centric game by Microsoft, My Amazing Story was being handled by Planet Moon Studios and supposedly went through several concept shifts at the behest of Microsoft.  As per Unseen64’s report, the game was originally conceived for the Wii but was ultimately picked up by Microsoft to appeal to the casual market – complete with Kinect and Avatar integration.  

The full gamut of features My Amazing Story was going to feature is unknown but the game looks like it was an easy adventure based Kinect game.  Most Kinect games that feature Avatars boil down to being very simple if slightly predictable affairs that require players to do trivial actions but My Amazing Story may have had a shred of substance to it – or at the very least would’ve allowed gamers to do entertaining things like ride atop their co-op colleague who just so happened to be dressed as a tiger.

My Amazing Story was sadly the victim of the focus shift Microsoft Game Studios made (focus on key franchises, Kinect shovelware) and all development on the title was halted.  The sudden stop in development and presumable drop by Microsoft no doubt played a part in the eventual closure of Planet Moon Studios which occurred in 2010.  My Amazing Story may not have gone on to become a staple for Microsoft Game Studios but it at least would’ve offered some variety to the 1st party library which at this point is all but meager and crowded with Kinect titles that add absolutely nothing.  

To see more of My Amazing Story head over to Unseen64 for the extensive gallery that was posted.