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Brendan McNamara's New Project Is Sort of Revealed

A few weeks ago L.A. Noire creator Brendan McNamara revealed that despite the closure of his studio Team Bondi and his somewhat sullied reputation that he was hard at work on a new project. Exactly what that project would be wasn’t revealed but McNamara went on to tease it in a somewhat hyperbolic way as he’s known to do.  As expected, McNamara’s new project is being funded and developed by the Australia based KMM Interactive.

KMM Interactive co-founder, and Mad Max Creator, George Miller confirmed the news in a recent interview with the Financial Review. Details on McNamara’s new project are still non-existent, but the game has an official title which is far from typical: Whore of the Orient.  George Miller didn’t give any hints as to the nature of Whore of the Orient, but as of now the game will be entirely produced by KMM Interactive, presumably to be overseen by Brendan McNamara as the Creative Director.

Brendan McNamara is one of those guys that has a love him or hate him sort of vibe within the video game industry. Some folks loved L.A. Noire while others hated it and of course Brendan doesn’t exactly have the best reputation after the rumored incidents that transpired at Team Bondi.  But with all that drama aside I am excited to see Whore of the Orient if it actually becomes an actual thing.  As of now the game hasn’t entered production just yet but I hope it does, more so if it’s actually a game set in Shanghai as the city used to have the moniker Whore of the Orient.  We rarely see games set within any major Asian cities and the possibility of having a game set in Shanghai perhaps in the 1920s or 1940s could be godly if it’s pulled off properly.

I know in the past that Brendan McNamara may have overhyped things which of course led to disappointment but maybe Brendan will learn from his mistakes and give us a more well-rounded experience if Whore of the Orient actually comes to fruition.