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BlackBerry Steps into Tablets with the New PlayBook

Just when you thought the tablet challengers had all been flushed out. BlackBerry after a few months of rumors brings their new iPad contender to the stage. Dubbed the PlayBook, it has more than a few upgrades that trump Apple's first version of the iPad. Full specs can be seen HERE.

Although the new tablet genre of personal computing is supposed to bridge the great divide between computer users and non users. The business applications of the devices are still very much in their infancy. With a sleeker and higher performing machine BlackBerry has set themselves up to take a very large piece of the tablet market.

As well BlackBerry is saying the unit will also be for fun. With a name like the PlayBook we should hope to see some ultra sexy games on that 1080p screen.

With a few months until the expected release it will be interesting to see what the iPad, Galaxy and other tablet's do to answer the challenge.