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Batman: Arkham City Finally Gets A Release Date

Details concerning the latest adventure of the Dark Knight have been somewhat elusive, but at least we have one thing confirmed: a release date.  WB Games and DC Comics have announced that the highly awaited Batman: Arkham City will be available in all major territories this October, just before the Holiday release madness begins.

We had a slight hint that Batman’s latest game would drop in October seeing as how the six part Batman: Arkham City prequel comic ends its run in October.  So those who had their thinking hats on were right on the mark as far as when Batman would emerge from the shadows.  Gamers in North America can expect Batman: Arkham City to be available on October 18th while gamers in Europe can experience the epic scope of Arkham City on October 21st.

WB Games and developer Rocksteady didn’t share any other details we haven’t heard before, but I think a release date should more than enough to satisfy us for now. Rocksteady continues to be coy on revealing certain aspects of Arkham City (don’t expect them to confirm whether there are any Scarecrow type sequences in the game) so I think we may be in the dark about many elements of the game until it drops in October.  While I usually would like to see Arkham City in action or get some villain reveals, I think going into the game completely unaware of the surprises it holds should capture the same amazing experience I had with the first game, which is still one of my favorite titles this generation.