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Arcade Aid Answers List and Solutions Poster!

Earlier we posted about the awesome TRON Legacy viral game Arcade Aid, which challenged users in a test of famous game knowledge with this unique pixel-image puzzle. Some people were getting stuck on a few of these brain teasers, so we've whipped up a full solution guide and blank version of the map. Which makes a pretty sweet poster!

Now before we spoil all the good stuff, we highly recommend you try the puzzle on your own first. But if you're really stuck, below is a list of all 56 games you'll need to know. Plus, we've made a single image copy of the entire city, simply because of how cool it is.

Below, You can choose from a blank slate or one with answers printed on it (with a stylish 8 bit font, of course).

Blank Arcade Aid Poster

Solutions Arcade Aid Poster

Solutions List

1) Call of Duty
2) Outrun
3) Frogger
4) Home Run
5) 720
6) NBA Jam
7) Flower
8) Rampage
9) Worms
10) Punch-Out
11) Burger Time
12) Balloon Fight
13) Vanguard
14) Minesweeper
15) Face Off
16) Stargate
17) Star Castle
18) Golden Tee
19) DragonBall Z
20) Halo
21) Discs of Tron
22) Tron
23) Crossbow
24) Shadow of the Colossus
25) Tiger Heli
26) Burnout
27) Super Cobra
28) Space Ace
29) Boulderdash
30) Smash TV
31) Silent Hill
32) Birdie King
33) R-Type
34) Missile Command
35) Food Fight
36) Time Splitters
37) Bomberman
38) Golden Axe
39) Double Dragon
40) Bejeweled
41) Donkey Konga
42) Fallout
43) Paperboy
44) Firetruck
45) Guitar Hero
46) Spy Hunter
47) Joust
48) Asteroids
49) Dig-Dug
50) Popeye
51) Goldeneye
52) Sea Wolf
53) Starfox
54) Mouse Trap
55) Defender
56) Metal Slug