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Another Small Update On The Next Game From Quantic Dream

After giving us Heavy Rain developer Quantic Dream gained a few new fans that along with the existing fanbase were greatly anticipating the next project the company would eventually release.  As always Quantic Dream and its founder/CEO David Cage remained tight-lipped on things but earlier this year we did receive a small update of sorts after two trademarks were registered (Infraworld and Fiv5).  At first there was a bit of skepticism as to whether these trademarks were in fact legit since late last year a rumored casting call was released for a Quantic Dream game with a supposed sci-fi romance angle which David Cage later debunked.  However as details arose it was in fact confirmed that the Infraworld and Fiv5 trademarks were legit and possibly represented two different projects.

With E3 coming and going this year with no reveals or public comments made by Quantic Dream the hubbub concerning the studios next game died down a bit but that ought to change now.  Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has filed an American trademark for Infraworld. Previously the trademarks filed for Infraworld were only filed in Europe seeing as how Quantic Dream is a French company.  But now SCE may be kicking things into high-gear with this American trademark registration, which sadly doesn’t inform us as to the nature of Quantic Dream’s next project.

We may not have a proper reveal from Quantic Dream concerning their next project but at least we know that out of the concepts the studio was kicking around that Infraworld is the one they’re apparently moving forward with.  Loyal Quantic Dream fans may be familiar with Infraworld as the game has been a long running passion project for David Cage and his team, so much to the point that an Easter egg for it was in a section of Heavy Rain.  Rumored to deal with elements concerning Hell, Infraworld may be a massive departure from the vaguely realistic approaches we’ve seen out of Quantic Dream’s last two games.

Since Gamescom is happening soon and Sony will have a presence at the show I would like to imagine that SCEE may blow the lid off the game but that’s probably just wishful thinking on my part.  While Sony did reveal two new games at Gamescom last year (Resistance 3, Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One), I think everything will be focused on the PlayStation Vita, whether it’s showing new 1st party software or merely announcing release info.  Trademark registrations are usually never a finite way of telling when a game when be announced but I hope we don’t need to wait a year or more to see what sort of vision David Cage and Quantic Dream have thought of this time.

[via Superannuation]