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Another behind the scenes video for Heavy Rain reveals an interesting controller prototype

Heavy Rain only came out a few months ago but with all the stuff going on and the countless games released since February, it feels like a whole year has passed since I last played the adventure based action of Heavy Rain.  But now after seeing a recent crop of behind-the-scenes videos and the newly added feature of PlayStation Move support, I may jump back into Heavy Rain if I ever get any free time.

I don’t know why Sony has decided to release this new bts series for Heavy Rain, maybe it’s to drive up Holiday sales, but I must give Sony props for doing it.  We’ve already gotten a look at some of the cut scenarios from the game and now we have another look at the Heavy Rain that never was. This time we see the original interface for Heavy Rain, which for all intents and purposes didn’t look all that good as it’s placement on the screen was downright awful.

Aside from changing the interface to the one seen in the final product, Quantic Dream also tinkered with a game specific game pad for Heavy Rain.  Not much is said of this game pad, which would’ve clipped onto the DualShock 3 and include three sensors to be tracked by the PlayStation Eye, but I’m happy that it was dropped once Sony went forward with the PlayStation Move. While in concept the game pad looks interesting, it may’ve completely killed Heavy Rain if it was required to play. But I must applaud Quantic Dream’s creativity in drafting up such a concept and I wonder if they would be keen on trying something similar in the future, that’s unless their next PS3 exclusive is made from the ground up for the PS Move in mind.