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Anime fan geekgasm alert: Super Robot Wars Z 2 premier trailer

In case anime fans weren’t already depressed over the release of the anime mash-up that was ACE: R, Namco Bandai has just announced a new installment of the Super Robot Wars franchise. Much like ACE, Super Robot Wars combines a multitude of different mechs from a plethora of anime series ranging from Gundam, Macross and Eureka Seven and pits them in combat. But Super Robot Wars just isn’t a clone of ACE as the series is actually a RPG, albeit a more tactical one involving crazy mechs unleashing massive beam cannon blasts upon one another.

Namco Bandai revealed Super Robot Wars Z 2 last week via Famitsu and today a trailer has finally been released. Sadly, Namco Bandai may be back in their pattern of withholding gameplay footage as the premier trailer is strictly a CG trailer featuring quite a few badass moments.  The trailer reveals some of the mechs that will be included in Super Robot Wars Z 2, some of which I have no clue what show they’re from.  But I was extremely happy to see The Big O in action briefly in the trailer so that pretty much solidified the game as being a day 1 purchase for me.

Super Robot Wars is a franchise that’s beloved for its deep gameplay, which does require a lot of strategy, and the fact that it allows some crazy dream matches to be made involving anime favorites.  Just like ACE: R, the chances of Super Robot Wars Z 2 being released outside of Japan are slim, but thanks to the game appearing on the PSP there’s always the option of importing the game in the hopes that a fan made translation pops up online.

So am I the only one excited that another installment of Super Robot Wars has been announced or has the lack of gameplay footage left some out there a bit apprehensive, especially in the wake of some of Namco Bandai’s recent mech based offerings?