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After Waiting Patiently It Appears That Starhawk Is Finally Ready To Be Unveiled

We’ve been patiently waiting for it to happen, but the long in development Starhawk will finally be unveiled shortly.  After hearing that Starhawk would be revealed on a few occasions, it appears that the stars have finally aligned and we’re set to receive our first look at the Warhawk follow-up this Friday.

After word spread last week that a group of lucky folks were shown the game in Texas of all places (with a rumored NDA up on May 13th), the hype began to rise after a Tweet from Dylan Jobe. Warhawk enthusiasts will know Dylan for being the man behind Warhawk (he was also the unlucky guy who was chosen to show the SixAxis implementation of Warhawk at Sony’s E3 2006 presentation) and once again he’s in charge of Starhawk at the newly formed Lightbox Interactive.  Last week Dylan issued the rather cryptic but very enticing Tweet of “The wait is over next Friday..."

There’s supposed to be a special unveiling of a new PS3 game this Friday on G4TV, presumably via X-Play since that’s the last damn video game show on the otherwise pointless network.  It may be odd for Sony to unveil Starhawk now as opposed to giving us a shock and awe reveal at E3 next month, but Sony did a similar thing last year with the reveal of Motorstorm: Apocalypse and even Infamous 2. So trust me when I say that Sony definitely has a master plan in place for what games are receiving pre-E3 reveals.

In development for the past few years, we surprisingly know absolutely nothing about Starhawk.  Recently there have been rumors concerning the game but due to coming from unsubstantiated sources and sounding a bit like flights of fancy you would normally see on a forum, we literally know nothing about the game which is a shock considering how things often leak these days.

I’m a massive fan of Warhawk and I honestly cannot wait for whatever Lightbox Interactive has planned in Starhawk.  Even if we don’t get battles that allow us to seamlessly fly from the surface of a planet off into a space, I’m still down for whatever the game offers since I still consider Warhawk to be my #1 online game this generation.  If Lightbox Interactive can capture the same magic and depth that Warhawk offered in whatever Starhawk has then I think we’re going to receive another amazing online game. That’s of course pending we can actually play the damn game whenever it comes out. PSN being down makes Ian a sad panda.