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After A Long Absence The Bloodrayne Franchise Is Back In Bloodrayne: Betrayal

Since vampires are still hot these days, Majesco is resurrecting the long dead Bloodrayne franchise in a new game set for the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade. This marks the first time we’ve seen a new Bloodrayne game pop up since the 2004 released Bloodrayne 2, which was a solid game despite developer Terminal Reality having to scale back the scope of the project.

Since Terminal Reality has gone on to bigger things, like the upcoming Star Wars Kinect game, development duties on Bloodrayne: Betrayal is being handled by WayForward.  The good thing about the reveal of WayForward being behind the new Bloodrayne game is that the title is set to be a side-scrolling action game, which just so happens to be WayForward’s specialty.  Having released the amazing Batman: The Brave and the Bold last year for the Wii (which was an excellent 2D smash-em-up) I’m really excited to see what comes out of Bloodrayne: Betrayal as any game that has an attractive female lead slicing dudes up ought to be pure entertainment.

It’s interesting to see the Bloodrayne franchise return since after enduring some major financial problems Majesco rebranded itself as a casual based kid-friendly publisher with some of their major releases being Cooking Mama and Babysitting, the latter of which included a plush baby peripheral.  Perhaps Majesco is going back to their roots a bit with the release of Bloodrayne: Betrayal or maybe they just realized that they’re sitting on a franchise that could potentially become huge if it’s executed properly.

The Bloodrayne franchise was never prime grade A material, but the games always provided good and overly campy fun that just so happened to feature monsters and lots of dismemberment.  It may have taken over five years for it to happen, but Bloodrayne is finally coming back to the world of video games instead of merely being a B-movie franchise that’s directed by Uwe Boll.

Bloodrayne: Betrayal will be available on the PSN and XBLA this Summer and trailer/screenshots have yet to be released as of now.