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Activision is developing some sort of James Bond GoldenEye game

After the lukewarm reception to the game version of Quantum of Solace, Activision seems to have a plan to tug at the nostalgic heartstrings of gamers with their next James Bond game.

According to the resume of a Eurocom animator a new GoldenEye, or at least a game that bears that title, is in development for the Wii.  Now this most likely isn’t the case of the much wanted HD remake or port of Rare’s classic game as Eurocom handled porting duties for Quantum of Solace. So whatever game Eurocom is developing is most likely a game that has the GoldenEye name in the hopes that gamers jump aboard the “omg it’s awesome” bandwagon. 

Additional details on what the game possibly could be aren't known.  The last we heard Activision had a Bond game set for 2010 that Bizarre Creations (The Club, Project Gotham Racing) reportedly handling dev duties which left some to wonder if the game would perhaps be a racing game of some sort akin to EA’s horrible 007 Racing.

Right now the whole James Bond situation is hazy as hell with this GoldenEye news and no real updates on when the next Bond film will begin production. So for all we know Activison’s GoldenEye game could all the James Bond goodness we get next year.

And as a side rant I just want to say can we take GoldenEye off the pedestal of being the best Bond game ever? The game was good when it came out but if you want the definitive Bond experience then go play Everything or Nothing, which offered an experience that matched the movies and the essence of the character. Bond was his suave his and he was a total badass since he jumped off a cliff without a parachute to rescue the damsel in distress. If anything, that should be the basis for what future Bond games should be.

[Via Superannuation]


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