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An Acclaimed Writer Is Chosen To Pen The Heavy Rain Film

About a year or so ago we got a small update concerning Heavy Rain that involved New Line Cinema picking up the option to create a live action feature film based on the hit PS3 game.  This news of course drew the immediate ire of the video game community since movies based on video games tend to usually be garbage.  The plot of Heavy Rain would make a perfect film and the game itself is easily one of the most cinematic if not THE most cinematic based game to be released this generation. However, Hollywood always ends up finding a way to ruin a proven formula (hi Uncharted: The Movie) but things could actually be on the right track for Heavy Rain’s cinematic adaptation based on today’s news.

Variety is reporting that TV veteran David Milch has been chosen to write the film adaptation of Heavy Rain.  To most of you out there, the name David Milch probably isn’t ringing any bells at all. But if you’re a TV junkie or like TV shows featuring mature centric plots then you may know of Mr. Milch’s work as he co-created and co-wrote NYPD Blue along with the extremely underrated HBO show Deadwood.  Lately Milch is working on a new HBO series starring Dustin Hoffman, so I think it’s more than established that David Milch is a creative beast who knows what he’s doing.

The extent of Milch’s involvement in the Heavy Rain films is unknown aside from being tapped to write the screenplay.  Lately there hasn’t been a single peep regarding the Heavy Rain movie and I honestly thought it just fell by the waste side. But the fact that New Line acquired the talent of David Milch to write the story compared to say a C-level writer somewhat shows that Sony is either serious about the film moving forward or things are advancing faster than we previously thought.

A gameplay segment from Heavy Rain.

Besides David Milch being attached to the Heavy Rain film, no known details are floating around about the project.  For all we know the Heavy Rain film could be a major retelling of the story told in the video game with only a few minor connections like the name of the Origami Killer and perhaps having Ethan Mars as a protagonist.  Milch is known for doing work that is relatively gritty and realistic work so we shouldn’t receive a film adaptation that’s too far off thematically from what’s presented in the source material.

A tentative release date for the Heavy Rain film hasn’t been given since the film still hasn’t been officially green lit despite the involvement of David Milch.