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The Abstract Experience That Is FOTONICA Returns

Earlier this year an indie game popped up that I was honestly enthralled by since it somewhat followed the route of synthesia gaming similar to the games of Tetsuya Mizuguchi (Rez, Lumines).  The game in question was FOTONICA, a first-person free running game in which the objective was simple: follow the stylish and often abstract vector designed paths in front of you and make the massive jumps that are presented. 

With a unique visual approach and gameplay that didn’t involve shooting something, FOTONICA was somewhat of a hybrid of Mirror’s Edge and Rez but still managed to have a unique identity and presence that once again proved that indie developers know how to give us the goods.

It may have taken awhile but developer Santa Ragione has finally released the final version of FOTONICA.  With a bump in graphical quality and other refinements, FOTONICA retains the same style and thankfully the same gameplay, which simply requires the press of the space bar on a keyboard in order to make some of those gargantuan jumps. The best thing about FOTONICA’s final release is that the game doesn’t have a definitive price to it. Following the route taken with certain bands releasing their albums online, Santa Ragione has opted to allow consumers to pay whatever they want for FOTONICA, which I must say is a cool thing to do. 

FOTONICA from Santa Ragione on Vimeo.

There is a minimum amount that gamers need to pay, but if you wanted to give a talented indie developer $25 or $50 for giving us an awesome game then you can certainly do that.  The content in FOTONICA is definitely worthy of paying more than $5 as the game features five core levels and one level that’s procedurally generated and doesn’t end at all. Buttery beats + endless running down vector environments = pure gaming bliss for me.

The final version of FOTONICA is available to purchase right now for both the PC and MAC via the official FOTONICA website.