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2K Games Does Some Developer Swapping With XCOM and BioShock Infinite

Some interesting new has arisen concerning two key releases 2K Games has in store for gamers next year: the XCOM revival and the long awaited quasi prequel that is BioShock Infinite.  Now for the most part gamers already know the low down about both games aside from the obvious things like how both titles are stylized FPS experiences.  

XCOM has been the subject of debate in the past year since it was shown as it’s a huge departure from the original entries back on the PC, which were colorful strategy experiences as opposed to being an action packed experience set in the back drop of 1950s America.  BioShock Infinite on the other hand is a game that some gamers are expecting to be godly but with the word that we have today something could be amiss with both titles.

It has been confirmed that 2K Canberra, now dubbed 2K Australia, has been moved off of XCOM and are now aiding Irrational Games in the development of BioShock Infinite.  2K Australia received some staff reductions last month but I guess things are stable enough for now since the studio is lending a helping hand for BioShock Infinite.

Now there are a few ways we can look at this news with some possibilities ranging from normal while others may illicit immediate worry.  2K Australia’s removal from co-developing XCOM could simply mean that their part in the project is over and that 2K Marin are more than capable of finishing up the game themselves.  It’s still unclear exactly when XCOM will hit retail since Take Two Interactive were less than specific in issuing a release date for the game in their last financial conference.  In a way maybe we shouldn’t worry too much about 2K Australia aiding Irrational Games in the development of BioShock Infinite since the same thing occurred with the original BioShock back in the day. 

Though I must say that having 2K Australia come aboard the project now, well over a year since Irrational has shown the game and assuredly are deep into development seems a bit odd to me. Maybe 2K Australia has simply become the automatic clean-up or back-up crew for 2K in respect to getting art assets done or merely doing a bit of additional programming here and there, whether it’s simple stuff or possibly something more substantial like a possible multiplayer mode. But it’s entirely possible that Take Two realized that Irrational Games were a bit behind on BioShock Infinite and simply wanted more manpower behind the game to make sure it’s a mid to late 2012 release since it’s an integral part of Take Two’s line-up for next year.

So that’s all we know for now, 2K Australia is off of XCOM but are now backing up the crew in Boston at Irrational Games in crafting BioShock Infinite.  It’s hard to peg down what exactly is going on and the news itself isn’t exactly prime red alarm material – at least it isn’t as of now.  The overall quality of XCOM is still something that’s a bit up in the air, I personally haven’t played it, and BioShock Infinite is one of those games that will simply live or die based on the expectations gamers have for it.  

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