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Red Bull Proving Grounds Comes to Vancouver

 This past weekend the FGC eSports scene came down to Vancouver to find the best of the best in the GVRD, it was an open tournament that provided those in the area the opportunity to show off what Vancouver has to offer eSports and provide a fun environment for fans of the fighting genre to hang out, meet up with friends old and new and show off what they can do.

Red Bull Proving Grounds Entrance

We showed up there at the start of the event, which wound up being two events together: A Super Smash Bros. Wii U tournament and some Street Fighter V action.

Elements Casino in Surrey played host to the event. There were plenty of screens setup for both casual and tournament play, a full live-streaming desk complete with a multitude of talented servers, plus the option to eat/drink and hang out in the Sports Gaming lounge thanks to the venue owners. Not only that, but there were some additional goodies added in like a VR gaming area and free Red Bull offered by the sponsor.

The event kicked off at 1 pm and ran through until the evening, making sure all the competitors got a fair shake at showing their skills to the local scene, and globally via Twitch.

Red Bull Proving Grounds - Commentators

From my perspective, everyone seemed to be having a good time, attendance was solid and the fights were hype, including a couple of great moments where the competitors started popping off in the later stages of the Super Smash Bros. tournament.

This marks the first time that Red Bull has joined with the local gaming community, Vancouver Street Battle, to set up an official stop on the road to EVO. It’s a great sign that both major sponsors and our local scene encourage this kind of showmanship of local talent and the growing eSports gaming scene in Vancouver.

Our hope is that more of these events are put on by sponsors like Red Bull so that Vancouver can continue to be a hub for new gaming talent and a proper venue for major eSporting events like this one and the Road to EVO.

Red Bull Proving Grounds - Gameplay

Our full gallery of the event is available for you below, but if you were lucky enough to attend and want to get your social media on we’ve also included a gallery in our Facebook page for you to tag yourself/friends and share the photos!

All photography thanks to the wonderful Melissa Dex Guzman, our resident eSports photographer who did a great job of showing off what a fun experience this was!

Red Bull Proving Grounds - Community