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Destiny 2 CE Includes Swag you Might Actually Use

This week Bungie officially lift the lid on the release of Destiny 2. It started with a logo, then continued with a cute little video showing off Cayde in the smoking ruination of The Last City, and today concluded with the full reveal/announcement of the forthcoming sequel release to the epic grind fest.

It’s a game I don’t feel the need to sell people on, Nathan Fillion’s Cayde is doing a much better job of it than I could ever manage. Seriously, who are these people joining the Vanguard when the Hunters have Cayde’s rallying cry of “tons of loot!”

What I do want to talk about, in brief, is the swag that comes with the collector’s edition of the game.

Destiny 2 CE

We’ve seen all manner of tie-in material from digital content to hard goods, statues to night-vision goggles right on up to remote-controlled drones with built-in cameras to spy on your neighbors.

Destiny 2, however, is offering something that I think is completely new to the game: Something we would actually use in our everyday life.

You see along with the digital exclusive content and art book and steel case that have become the standard in the industry, Destiny 2 includes a messenger bag.

Destiny 2 CE - PS4

Sure, we’ve seen people add in apparel or lockboxes in the past, “functional” items that perhaps some people might use. But here’s the thing: Destiny 2’s messenger bag is not only not just some cheap canvas slapped with a massive logo of the game that’ll prove embarrassing a month or two down the line, it has a damned solar-paneled charge in the thing!

What the actual fuck!? – Seriously, I’m blown away. I want a bag with a USB solar charger, just in general, the fact that it comes with a game and a bunch of other goodies is just icing. 

Of course, if you're not as excited about a solar-panel powered USB charger wrapped around a wasteland inspired Destiny 2 messenger bag, the game does release in Standard and Limited Edition flavors on Playstation 4 (with timed exclusive content), Xbox One, and for the first time PC.

Destiny 2 - LE

Destiny 2 is slated for a September release date, with a beta opportunity coming this Summer.