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Pokemon GO - The End of Pokemon As We Know It

Two words: Pokemon GO.

If that didn't shoot a spike of endorphins into your brain then chances are you don't know what Pokemon GO is yet. Pokemon GO is the MMO Pokemon fanatics have been waiting for since the advent of the massive multiplayer online genre. As if that wasn't amazing enough, Pokemon GO is an augmented reality game that will be available...


That's right. No longer are you tied to walking around with your 3DS or even more embarrassingly, your 2DS. (I have one...) In 2016, you will now have official Pokemon on your own mobile device. So instead of feeling like a loser while walking around with your handheld gaming device made for children, you can look like a pervert trying to take creeper pics of that young lady in a short skirt who just so happens to be standing in front of a really rare Pocket Monster, but you are actually on your cellular phone trying to catch some Pokemon!

Pokemon Go

Or maybe you can even take creeper pics and use the excuse that you're trying to catch a Pikachu. A Peek-at-Chu. (Oldest joke in the book. Had to.)

I am worried about one thing though: what will happen to Pokemon on your officially-licensed Nintendo devices? Is this the end of Pokemon as we know it? Or is this the first peek at what the upcoming NX console/cell phone is all about?

Either way, I'm hoping they will tie Pokemon GO to the other Pokemon games in some way. Perhaps make cross-platform trading compatible. It would be tragic to lose the game series as it is. To be honest, the stories in Pokemon have always been weak (with the exception of Generation I, II and maybe V). Lackluster story mode aside, my prime concern is all the freaking Pokemon I've spent all these years building up, only to be locked away in a 3DS/2DS cartridge coffin.

Pokemon Go Plus

Mobile versions of console games like Injustice and Mortal Kombat X have often tried to tie into each other (with cross-platform unlockable rewards). In the end, the console game always wins out, with the mobile games fading away into obscurity. The scary part is that Pokemon GO has the potential to fade out the O.G. Pokemon series.

Is this the end of Pokemon as we know it?