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Radial Dialogue - Episode 11 - Twitch, Security and Skin

Welcome, fans! There’s plenty of talk and rage on the most recent episodes as Jen and I dig through a couple of stories that we had things to say about. Twitch was attacked recently, causing everyone to need a change of their passwords… good thing they don’t store your credit card information!

Also, there’s been a lot of uproar of late regarding female streamers showing “too much skin” it’s something we wanted to discuss and break down a little. It gets a little bit heated though when I go all old-man-rage on it and a few other things like hip hop music and kids today!

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CONFIRMED: Netflix LoZ Series Rumors Untrue:

Twitch Security Breach:

Women Dressing "Provocatively" on Twitch:

Remasters, Remasters, Remasters: