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Quipbox is Jackbox Games' Kickstarter Project

Every second week or so, I host a board-game night at my house. This has served as an excuse for me, personally, to break out of the video game routine and try something a little different. However, after the release of the Jackbox Party Pack (a collection of games from YDKJ makers Jackbox) it seems all anyone wants to play anymore is Drawful.

Before that my party goers were obsessed with Fibbage. So it's safe to say that my party attendees and I are all real big fans of Jackbox Games in general. It's actually one of our short-term goals to bring that love of board/party games to life on Twitch/YouTube in the future via the opportunities Jackbox has presented in the Jackbox Party Pack.

So you can assume from there how excited I am that they are building something new for us again. Quiplash is a voting-centric party game that, like the rest of the Jackbox Party Pack, uses the power of mobile connection with current consoles to act as a "buzzer" or input device for the game. In Quiplash you are given a category, something like "What wouldn't you want to find in a Burrito?" and you fill in the blank with your own awfulness; then everyone votes on whose answer was the best (worst?).

According to the Kickstarter page, details for the game are as follows:

  • Number of Players: 3-8 players with a possible audience participation in the hundreds or even thousands.
  • Launch Platforms: Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PC via Steam
  • Launch Territories: Console: North America (ESRB rated territories), PC Steam: Worldwide
  • Timing: If all goes well, Early Summer 2015

Backing the project in advance (the Kickstarter is running over the next 27 days) will be as cheap as $8, which gets you a digital copy of the game on release. Though, if you have money to burn, you can spend up to $100 to get your name in the credits with whatever title you please (plus everything from all the previous contributor tiers). 

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