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Radial Dialogue - Episode 8 - Powers on PSN and Titanfall DLC

Wow, apparently I am terrible at things. I seriously need to consider putting a secretary on the payroll because I simply overlooked the reposting of Radial Dialogue Episode 8 on the homesite this past Wednesday. Apologies for those that watch it here! I would make some joke about "make sure to follow us on Twitch" but it seems a little tacky, all things considered.

Ep. 8 features talks about the first episode of Powers (available on YouTube) and the concept of a TV show exclusive to a console service (PSN). We also talk about the Titanfall DLC becoming free, and what that means for the industry!

-Ep 1 on YT
-Ep 2, 3 on PSN

TitanFall Free DLC
-3 DLC Packs for free on X360/Xbone