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Bravely Second Gets a Japanesse System's Trailer

One of our team's favourites from last year was the Square Enix FF-spiritual-successor Bravely Default. It won us over with its simple yet deep gameplay and retro nostalgia hit of classic JRPG. It was something that the majority of our staff has dedicated ridiculous amounts of hours to, chiefly Adam who drained a bunch of extra time into getting all of the goodies the game has to offer.

So when we found out that there was a sequel in development, Bravely Second: End Layer, you can bet our offices were all a tizzy with the talk about how excited we were for another go-around with that game series.

Today a new trailer was released, in Japan, featuring some of the new systems available in the upcoming franchise sequel. The game is looking as pretty as ever, and while there might be a little bit of a language barrier (the trailer is entirely in Japanese) there are some things that are just universal (like hype).

If you're alright with hearing a description that you might not be able to understand (or even better, are Japanese-fluent) check out the video below for some sexy Bravely Second footage from Square Enix Japan's YouTube page