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Radial Dialogue - Episode 6 - Rock Band 4 Officially Announced

Good news everyone! Jen is finally feeling a little bit better, enough so to get out of bed this morning and head down to do a recording of a new episode of Radial Dialogue.

If you weren't able to join us this morning, here's the recap: Jen and I discussed the announcement of Rock Band 4, what that means for the instruments, EA shutting down Maxxis' main studio, and the PSN+ free games for March.

As per the usual, the whole show breakdown is available for you below; along with embed of the show itself (on YouTube). Please remember to like/comment/subscribe if you enjoy the show!

Rock Band 4 Announced
-Partnering with Mad Catz
-Forward compatibility

EA Shuts Down Maxxis
-Sim City Dev

WoW In-Game Time With Gold
-Pay for game-time with in-game gold

PSN+ Games for March
Playstation 4
-Abe's Oddysee - New 'n' Tasty
-Valiant Hearts: The Great War
-OlliOlli2: Welcome To Olliwood
-Counter Spy

Playstation 3
-Papo & Yo
-Sherlock Holmes: Crimes And Punishments
-Counter Spy

Playstation Vita
-OlliOlli2: Welcome To Olliwood
-Counter Spy

Battletoads in Shovel Knight
-Xbox One Exclusive cameo