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Steam Link Announced, Streams Steam to Living Room

Hot on the heels of the Nvidia Shield announcement, it looks like Steam has something more to bring to the table at GDC beyond their new SteamVR (now known as Vive, a partnered effort with HTC).

The Steam Link is kind of a sub-console for the existing Steam Machines that have already been announced. It acts as a kind of repeater, allowing you to access your Steam content from either your computer or another Steam Machine on the network. Basically bringing your PC game collection from wherever you might have stashed it, to the big screen in your living room.

The cost of the box is only $49.99(USD) and will be available this November.

The Steam Link supports 1080p resolution at 60hz with "low latency." So if you were looking for an alternative to console gaming and already have a gaming computer with a backlog of Steam games you picked up during one of their sales... this might be a great way to play catch up from the comfort of your living room. 

More details are sure to be coming soon, along with more about the new Steam Machines themselves and of course Vive. All things Steam GDC are being amalgamated on the company website, The Steam Universe

[via SteamDb