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NVidia Sheild Announced, Cloud Based Console

Apparently the concept of cloud-based gaming hasn't died yet. While GDC has been providing developers with free copies of the newest software and showing off a plethora of VR headsets, it looks like Nvidia is leading the charge of cloud-based gaming still being a thing.

Just announced today, Nvidia will be supplying the gaming community at large with their own take on cloud gaming with the Nvidia Shield.

As you might imagine, the sales pitch is in the server farm that will be running the game. There is, however, a look at the hardware itself and its controller. The body of the console looks sleek and angular, something akin to a stealth bomber. The controller is a little impressive in its uniqueness, looking like virtually every other PC controller out there (basically an Xbox controller, just a little more generic).

According to the site the Nvidia Shield retails for $199(USD) and there are a couple options to accessories, should the mood strike you. If you want more details, or are looking to buy head over to the Nvidia Shield micro-site and check out the full details then register to be notified when it's officially for sale.