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Radial Dialogue - Episode 5 - ID@Xbox GDC 2015

Welcome back everyone! Unfortunately Jen is still sick, so the steady parade of guest stars continues with the amazingly talented Tyler James Nicol! Radial Dialogue Episode 5 focuses primarily on a series of trailers coming out from GDC 2015, showcasing some of the titles being shown at ID@Xbox. Indie titles all, which have an interest to us or that we're seeing for the first time and throwing two cents in on.

There's also a bit of Nidhogg play at the top of the show while I attempt to talk about some of the hardware and software being announced at GDC this year.

GDC Hardware Announcements
-Valve's Steam Link
-NVidia Shield

-Sony Morpheus
-SteamVR Valve+HTC Vive
-AMD LiquidVR

Free Development Software
-Source 2
-Unity 5 and Unreal (touched)

ID@Xbox Trailers