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Unity 5 Joins Unreal Engine 4 in Being Free

Yesterday Unreal announced that they were making their fourth iteration of the toolset (Unreal Engine 4) free. These both came as both a surprise and great news for the development community. However, Unity (arguably Unreal's biggest competition these days) wasn't far behind.

Today Unity announced their latest software, Unity 5, which has an option to obtain a free "personal" version of the software. According to the site, the software is full-featured, offering the full suite of tools in the professional addition but with an included 'splash screen' to show that you built your game using their software.

As an indie developer, you've probably never had better options for cheap (free) software. Both Unreal Engine 4 and Unity 5 going free will mean insane options for up-and-coming talent. As a gamer and a writer, I cannot wait to see comes as a result of these two goliaths sharing their software to the aspiring game development community!

[via Unreal and Unity respectively]