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Radial Dialogue - Episode 4 - House of Cards and GDC

This morning we recorded another new episode of Radial Dialogue. Unfortunate it didn't include Jen because she's out sick today, but we did get to play some SpeedRunners, which is awesome in of itself. We also talked some of the news coming out of GDC this week, including Clayfighter, Unreal Engine going free, and Trine 3!

As a heads up to those that do follow the show regularly, we've opted to change the time-table slightly and are aiming for Tues/Wed/Friday instead now. Hope that works for everyone and we'll see you tomorrow!

House of Cards
-Season 3 on Netflix last week

Mortal Kombat X Mobile
-Free to Play
-Card Battle/Fighter

Sonic's Console Future
-Dev shifting to mobile
-"Don't worry!" still on consoles

Trine 3
-Announce trailer

Unreal 4 is Free!