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Mortal Kombat X Mobile Announced

There was a time where the concept of mobile based tie-ins was something that disgusted me. Actually, it would be fair to say there was a time when mobile gaming in general disgusted me. However, I have come around on the concept and there's a collection of games on my smartphone that I play daily.

For a while, one of those games was the Injustice Mobile game. It looked good and because I'm a fan of collecting, the card-based character collection appealed to me.

Today WB Games announced that they will be releasing a similar card-based fighter for Mortal Kombat X. Releasing this April, Mortal Kombat X will feature card-based collection of characters and a fighting game fit for mobile.

Details at this point are scarce, but based on the success of the Injustice tie-in it's pretty safe to say we're looking at something along those lines for Mortal Kombat X, with an updated roster to reflect the new game.

There's an announcement trailer that launched today, so if mobile gaming is your forte you may want to check that out: