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Metal Gear Solid V Announcement on Wednesday

I used to be one of the biggest fans of the Metal Gear franchise of anyone that I know. I say used to because my love of the series has degraded ever since the end of Metal Gear Solid 4, which I believe should have been the end of the Solid franchise.

Metal Gear Solid 4 was, in my opinion, the perfect ending to a series that I have loved since I was a boy. Thusly, I've opted not to sully my experience by playing a fifth chapter of a franchise I believe ended, especially not in "paid demo" format.

That being said, I'm not able to go full ignorant either. I know that there's another full chapter of the story coming and I am following along with production, just not with the interest I once had.

In a stunt, no doubt aimed at the burnt-out fan-base such as myself Kojima and Konami are attempting to stoke the fires of hype this morning by announcing an announcement. Yes, in true modern game development fashion we have a teaser for an announcement. Kojima posted on his Twitter this morning an image of Snake along with a count-down clock, a link, and the phrase "Announcement Coming Soon..."

Kojima Teaser Poster

The timer ends this Wednesday, so it looks like we'll have whatever announcement then.

Are people still excited for the Metal Gear Solid franchise? I cannot be the only one that believes that Metal Gear Solid 4 ended on the perfect note of nostalgia and closure... can I?