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Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 Confirmed

Inti Creates has confirmed via Twitter that Azure Striker Gunvolt 2, sequel to their 3DS eShop action-platformer hit, has been announced. The reveal comes to us from the Inti Creates FanFest event that I can only assume takes place in a convention centre built exactly like the Resistance Base from MegaMan Zero; elevators and ladders everywhere.

This isn't the first time that more of the world of Gunvolt has been explored. A series of short stories under the name Fleeting Memories has been translated and released regularly on Inti Creates' site. Each chapter explores a piece of history surrounding the game's characters and sets the scene for their dystopian future. They rarely give out names and it's all very cryptic but it makes for a fun read for fans of a game that has little to no supplementary material.

Inti Creates has a history of crafting deceptively rich context for their action platformers. A vital component of that has been their proclivity towards leaving key events unseen or under-explained. Mega Man Zero famously said very little about the timeframe between the X series and the beginning of the Zero series, even though it contained a colossal war that reshaped the world, key moments in the lives of X and Zero, and a complete restructure of the way society functioned. They also famously developed Mega Man 10 which used the 'Roboenza' plot that many believe to be the precursor to the Sigma virus.

Without a doubt they are masters of crafting stories that serve as perfect fodder for fan-speculation and theorizing. Perhaps key details about Gunvolt 2's plot can be found in the ongoing Fleeting Memories series. Until then I'll be writing Gunvolt/Zero slash fiction instead of doing my math homework because grown ups just don't get me.