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Xbox Live Gold Membership Discounted $20

Ever since the original Xbox, Microsoft changed the online space by making it a paid service. While Sony fought, for years, to maintain a free online service for their gamers, the model eventually was adopted by them as well.

Gamers today now have to pay, regardless of platform (unless we're counting the Wii U), to play their video games online.

Both companies have been working to try and made this worth our while though with the inclusion of monthly free games and all manner of side perks. Starting today though, Microsoft has also reduced the price of their yearly subscription rate.

Previously a year of Xbox Live Gold would cost you $59.99, but if you head on over to the Microsoft Store pays you'll see that number has been reduced by a solid $20. That means you can pick up a full year of Xbox Live Gold right now for $40.

If you haven't already registered you Xbox Live Gold for 2015/16, or just want to add on another year of service to your current balance at a discounted rate, then I would highly recommend heading over to the Microsoft Store site and picking up the deeply discounted subscription code.

[via Microsoft Store]