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GTA V Heists Finally Receive Release Date

Since its original launch, way back in September 2013, the question on everyone's mind has been "when are we getting Heists?" If you're not familiar with GTA - and if you aren't I have no idea what you're doing on a video game website - the game mode is one that was announced well before release and is intended to feature online heist missions with your friends.

It was a feature the internet has been asking about since the launch, we would have assumed came with the updated release on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 respectively. However, Rockstar has remained curiously short for the duration of the game's one-and-a-half year life-span. That is until today.

Finally, we have a date set, both console and PC, for the game's Online Heist Mode.

If you're still playing GTA V, or looking for an excuse to resume playing, you can look forward to trying out the new game mode March 10th, or April 14th if you're a PC gamer.

Full details about the new mode, its release, and a bevy of screenshots are available on the Rockstar Blog