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Batman: Arkham Knight Receives M Rating

It seems as though the next Rocksteady/Arkham game is going to be a little mature than the previous chapters. It was revealed today that the ESRB has slapped the upcoming Batman: Arkham Knight with an "M" rating, according to the developer.

In an interview with IGN, Sefton Hill, founder of Rocksteady and game director on Arkham Knight, mentioned that the new title received an M rating very much to his surprise. In the interview, he also mentions that it was not something that the team was attempting to do.

While Hill acknowledged the fact that receiving an M rating on the game will limit the younger players from being able to play the game, alienating a large portion of their consumer base, they decided to maintain the vision of the game rather than "water down" the experience to make it available for "mass market."

If you would like to check out the full interview with Sefton Hill head on over to IGN.

[via IGN]