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Battlefield: Hardline Live, an Eight Day Competition for £10,000

Launch events are not a new concept, neither is the idea of a game tournament. However, what does feel somewhat shiny and new is the way that EA is handling it for their upcoming Battlefield: Hardline.

Announced today, EA will be holding a competition in London called Battlefield: Hardline Live. The idea is a real-life competition held between registered "crews" at a "secret location" somewhere in London over the course of eight days, March 18th to 25th.

According to the press release, the competition will "take inspiration" from the game's various play modes including Heist, Blood Money, and Rescue. The terrain, or "playfield" is also drawing inspiration from the forthcoming game with the press release citing that they'll be taking notes from Growhouse, The Block, and Derailed.

Of course, the obvious question is "what do my crew and I win for surviving an eight-day version of 'Hardline Live'?" Well, the answer is a pretty cool £10,000. Not bad for eight days of work running around pretending to be in a video game.

If you happen to be in the London area and want to participate, the mini-site with full details (and registration) is here