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Republique Emerges From Its Chrysalis On PC and Mac

The tumultuous but successful Kickstarter for Republique back in 2012 was my first taste of crowd-funding. It was particularly thrilling because a number of the people involved including David Hayter and Jennifer Hale were here in Vancouver for an expo while the campaign was happening. It was also the first project that I decided to fund based on the director's clear philosophy.

Ryan Payton's vision for what Republique would be was a breath of much needed fresh air in the mire that is the App Store: An experience that was built around the strengths of the mobile platform but without compromising production value. No In-App Purchases, just a solid episodic experience with a compelling story and interesting characters. Despite that noble mission statement, Republique's Kickstarter floundered for a while until the announcement of a PC and Mac version surfaced and the Kickstarter goal was met at the 11th hour. It seems that the world wasn't quite ready for mobile gaming to grow up.

That's not necessarily a bad thing. This means that those of us who have tasted the 3 currently available episodes will have another reason to dive into the world of Metamorphosis and those who haven't no longer have a reason not to.

Comparison Screenshots 1

The transition from mobile to PC has lead to a close partnership between Camoflaj and Unity. From the promotional materials that have surfaced so far it looks like Republique will be heavily featured as a flagship title for Unity 5. The difference is pretty clear. Already an amazing looking game on phones, the PC version looks downright gorgeous.

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Republique is a fascinating game regardless of what platform it's played on and there's no doubt in my mind that it will continue to be an important piece in the history of mobile gaming. What will be interesting to see though is whether the PC and Mac version will surpass the mobile version in sales and popularity. What exactly that means for the creation of 'hardcore' games on iOS and other markets that are deemed 'casual' I can't really say. What I do know is that the more people who get a chance to enter the world of Republique the better. It's a wonderfully crafted world and it's episodic nature begs for it to be talked about around the water cooler. I just hope that more people can be part of the conversation.

Republique Episodes 1, 2, and 3 are available now on iOS and Android with Episodes 4 and 5 coming soon. Republique for PC and Mac will be available February 26th through Steam, GOG, and the Humble Store. You can also hear more about Camoflaj and the development process of Republique through the Camoflaj Radio podcast on iTunes.